DiVinica Forgotten

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Print of the DiVinica #5 retail version cover A

  • 11x17
  • Printed on high quality cardstock with semi-gloss finish
  • Art & Colors by Dawn McTeigue
  • Print is not signed (about signatures)

Dawn's Details: This piece was a test paint that I did right at the beginning of my DiVinica 5 journey and my initial dabbling into painted covers. JP Roth & I knew what we wanted as far as colour scheme, and with this one I was trying to test the paints, see which ones to use, etc.

I started it on livestream, and it went horribly. I was very unhappy with how she was looking. After the livestream was over, and everyone in my family had gone to bed, I couldn’t sleepthe piece was calling to me, not out of inspiration but more out of frustration. I couldn’t go to bed with a “bad” painting sitting there taunting me.

So I went back to it, and at this point I was tired, discouraged and honestly, pretty angry. Nothing was working, so out of frustration and “f**k it” I just took all the leftover paint that I had and starting slapping it on my page. I considered it a lost cause, so at that point I was just using up paint to not waste it, and went to bed. I was unsure if it was salvaged or not, but I was content at that point to chalk it up to artistic experimentation and leave it at that.

My husband saw it the next morning and said it was his favorite piece I’d done in our 20+ years of knowing one another, and if I didn’t send it to JP Roth (publisher & co-creator) myself, he would. :)

This piece became the definitive style setter for DiVinica #5 and the issues to come in this series. Every painting that I’ve done for DiVinica since is based on the loose, painterly style of this one. And no matter how frustrating and somewhat artistically traumatic it was for me to work through the process of this painting, I’ve found that sometimes that’s what it takes—for me anyway. I have to get to the point that I no longer care, because when that caring and fear is gone, and I’m not trying so hard and overthinking it, something new emerges.

In conclusion, I consider this story as having a happy ending and the struggle was worth it. :)

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