Prize #5: A5 Headsketch Commission

5th prize in my 2021 Christmas Art Giveaway.

This prize won't be given away by raffle—instead a Golden Ticket has been hidden in one of the 2021 Mini-Print Sets.

Some lucky buyer will open their Mini-Print pack, and the Golden Ticket will be inside. There are instructions on the back for how to claim the prize—and a secret passphrase to verify authenticity. Good luck!!

The finder of the Golden Ticket will receive:

  • A5 (approximately 6x8 inches)
  • Headsketch (face, shoulders, chest in some cases)
  • Colored (watercolor, pencil, mixed-media)
  • No background art (colors and splashes only)
  • You may select a single character of your choice, with the following limitations:
    • No personal character creations
    • No portraits
    • No pets
    • No topless
  • $350 value
  • The additional product photos show similar pieces done previously

If the Ticket isn't found during the November Giveaway, that's fine, it will be out there waiting and can be claimed whenever it is eventually discovered.

See full details and rules

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