Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn

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A Most Good Hobby variant cover for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 by DC Comics. The leftover prints are available as a final-stock special.

  • 11x17
  • Printed on high quality cardstock with semi-gloss finish
  • Pencils & inks by Dawn
  • Colors by Sabine Rich
  • Print is not signed (about signatures)

Dawn's Details: Being given the opportunity to draw this cover was a dream come true! No only did I get to draw Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn, but they're TOGETHER on a cover! Woot!

Using the bars as an element in the cover was really fun & a challenge to make sure that Harley could squeeze through in places for her limbs, while also not having a bar cover her face. I looked at a lot of jail bars to make sure they were accurate, while also being able to fit them in with her "pretzel pose" properly, hehe. It was really fun!

I know Wonder Woman could tear the whole place down if she wanted to, but in my mind, she's taking it easy on Harley. :) I hope you enjoy this piece, if it's even half as much as I enjoyed being able to draw it, that'll be amazing! <3

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