Sabine Wren

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A commission of Sabine Wren done for the first-prize winner of my 2020 Christmas Giveaway Contest.

  • 11x17
  • Printed on high quality cardstock with matte finish
  • Pencils and colors by Dawn McTeigue
  • Print is not signed (about signatures)

Dawn's Details: For this commission, I was given the option to choose whichever version of Sabine Wren I was most inspired to do, so I went with her Season 3 look, because the colors are so fun!

I certainly didn’t have each of those colors in one medium, but if I didn’t have it one, I had it in another, so this is definitely mixed-media art. :)

The original piece of this was done with:
- Copic Marker
- Colored Pencil
- Watercolor, Gouache & Acrylic paint
- On Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

Of course, you’re receiving a print now, but hopefully you’ll still be able to see the textures & brush strokes in places. I hope you enjoy it!

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