Beginning in 2018, I'll be phasing out signatures on the books and prints sold online from this store.

When I first opened this website I would personally pack and mail each order received which made it easy to sign the items before shipping. The downside was that it took me a lot of time to process everything, and shipping from where I live in Canada was a lot more expensive, much longer shipping times & poor tracking options.

Because of that, I've moved to having a very efficient warehouse in the US pack and ship the orders which lets me offer faster shipping, with tracking, for much less cost to you. But that has made it impractical for me to sign the items before they ship, which is why I won't be offering signed products for sale anymore.

I don't ever want to charge extra for my signature, and I will always happily sign items for free if you come to my table at a convention, I just can't do it for online purchases.

The warehouse currently has some stock of items I have pre-signed, so signatures will remain available on certain prints and books while supplies last. I'll do my best to indicate on each product what the status is with signatures for that item.

Some products will be a mix of signed and unsigned for awhile, and where that is the case, it will be by random chance whether you receive a signed or unsigned item until all the signed ones are gone and we move fully to unsigned for everything. There's no difference in cost.

Please don't request either a signed or unsigned print, as the warehouse is not going to be differentiating the products, and I don't want to impact cost or shipping time by making the process more complicated.

Thank you for your understanding, I hope it won't be too confusing as we transition over.