DiVinica is a comic/graphic novel series written by JP Roth and drawn by Dawn McTeigue.

The series tells the stories of ancient goddesses from mythologies and cultures all over the world, linking their legends together through our main character, DiVinica, who is trapped in a post-apocalyptic world sometime in the future.

The artwork is all hand-painted with watercolor, giving the books a unique and immersive visual style.

The current issue is DiVinica #6.

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Issue Guide

DiVinica #1
The battle of Ouranos and Cronus and the birth of Aphrodite as set in classical Greek Mythology. Also features Gaia and the goddessses of the seasons–the Horae.
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DiVinica #2
Nokomis guides the warrior Hiawatha through many dangers on his quest to defeat Megissogwon.
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DiVinica #3
Isis, queen from a dead planet, must do the unthinkable to reclaim her power and save the people of earth from the cruelty of Ra.
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DiVinica #4
A simple act of kindness has far-reaching effects as a peasant girl becomes the goddess Magu, symbolic protector of women in Chinese mythology.
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DiVinica #5
New arc begins!
Divinica haunts the ruins of a shattered world compulsively scrawling scenes from forgotten myths and attempting to decipher the strange markings that cover her body.
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DiVinica #6
Through the Door of Stars
Astral travels, forgotten goddesses, and a mysterious “Sky Lord”. Divinica’s world grows stranger as the Red Wave approaches. 28 pages.
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