Angel in Lace

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Commission of Joan of Arc, also used as a cover for Big Dog Ink

  • 11x17
  • Printed on high quality cardstock with semi-gloss finish
  • Pencils and colors by Dawn McTeigue
  • Print is not signed (about signatures)

Dawn's Details: Since the commission was to draw an angelic but sexy character, I went for the more light & pastel approach, which was all well and good, until it came time to give her some stockings! hehehe.

I had NO idea how to make light, shimmery stockings in traditional color. Honestly, I"m not even 100% sure I could re-do it if asked. :) But I added purples, then yellows to tone down the purple, then darker skin tones to give it some contrast & make it clear it's not just skin, then more purple and I think some mauve on top, over & over until it looked like a sheer stocking. hehehe. Not easy, but I got the effect I was going for & I'd say that's the part I'm the most happy with. :) 

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