Christmas Art Giveaway 2022

Win a Commission by Me!

The 2022 Christmas Art Giveaway is here with 10 awesome prizes and a free gift for you in every order!

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How to Enter

To enter, you’ll need to order something (anything!) from my website during November.

Anyone who makes a purchase during the month of November is automatically entered to win. (1 entry for every $10 spent!!)

This way I can make sure that the prizes go to the awesome people who support me by collecting my art.

Just make sure your orders are in by the end of day November 30th.

2022 Details

  1. Every $10 You Spend = 1 Entry in the Draw
    Every $10 spent on my website equals 1 entry in the draw. So if you spend $50 during the month, that's 5 chances to win. $100 gets you 10 chances, etc. The more you buy, the better your odds to win!

    It doesn't matter if you do many orders or just one, it's the total amount spent in November that counts. We'll round up/down to the nearest 10 in the usual way:
    - $55 rounds up to 60 (6 entries in the draw)
    - $54 rounds down to 50 (5 chances in the draw)

  2. Free Mini-Print with EVERY Order!
    This year my Buyer Appreciation freebie is 4 fun Mini-Prints, one of which will be randomly added to every physical product order all month long. Check them out here: 2022 Gift Item: Random Mini-Print

    Multiple orders are allowed, so if you do 3 orders during November, you'll get 3 free mini-prints... just no guarantee that you'll get all 3 different designs. It's totally random!

    Feel free to post your freebie scores on Social Media so other people can see them and join in, and so I can see what you got! Will anyone collect all 4?? You would need a lot of luck! (Or trade with friends!)

    The free mini-prints are available all month, while supplies last.

  3. Gift Cards
    Orders made with gift cards will count as contest entries. You can purchase a gift card and then forward the email you receive to a person of your choice which they can then use to make an order. Freebie Mini-Prints are not included with Gift Card orders.

  4. No By-Christmas Guarantee
    I have found over the years that I don't complete all of these prize commissions by Christmas Day, especially the larger ones. I'll go as fast as I can and hope for the best, but I can't promise your prize will reach you by the Holidays.

Picking the Winners

  • Winners will be randomly chosen from the list of people who made purchases during November 1-30.
  • Every $10 you spend = 1 entry in the draw
  • I’ll announce the winners at a Christmas Livestream Party (Facebook & Twitch) on Saturday, December 3, at 5pm MST.
  • You DON'T have to be present at the livestream to win. I will contact each winner individually via email to get their mailing info, commission request, and any other details.
  • Winners will have 48 hours to get back to me, or I'll have to pick again and choose someone else. I only have a certain amount of time set aside to draw, color, and mail out the commissions so I can't be waiting weeks to hear from you. Please keep an eye on your email!

Secret Sales & Special Offers

Besides all the new stuff already featured for November, I also sometimes do secret sales by email.

This means I’ll put up special products or discounts that are hidden from the rest of the website but available for people on my email list.

If you’re not subscribed to my emails yet, you should definitely do that now!

In Summary

  • Order anything off my website anytime in November and you could win one of these great prizes.
  • Every $10 you spend = 1 entry in the draw
  • Get a free mini print with every physical product order as a thank you for being awesome!
  • Prize winners will be announced at the Livestream Party on Dec. 3 at 5pm MST
  • If you win, make sure to respond to my emails within 48 hours.

Good luck, Merry Christmas, and THANK YOU for being one of my people. ❤️

So much love,