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A commission done at home in 2017

  • 11x17
  • Printed on high quality cardstock with semi-gloss finish
  • Pencils, inks & colours (with Copic Marker) by Dawn McTeigue
  • Print is not signed (about signatures)

Dawn's Details: I tried something different with this piece for the background, which honestly, while I was working on it, I had no idea if my plan was going to work, but it did and the relief I felt was massive! hehe.

I wanted the background to look soft, almost watercolour in style, but I wasn't using the right paper to add watercolour to the piece and if I did try, I would've had major amounts of warping in the paper. Copic Marker doesn't warp the paper I work on, so I realised that whatever effect I wanted to have, would need to be accomplished with Copic Marker only. That's when the thought occurred to me to use Copic Marker as watercolour & paint it on.

Copic Marker dries incredibly fast, so I had to work quick. I used Copic refills in 4 different shades of purple & painted the ink onto the paper. It didn't warp & I'm very happy with how the background turned out! Her fairy dust was made by using Copic Opaque White and a toothbrush. :)

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